Inspired by the visionary spirit and positive energy of its two founders, Logdirect did not wait until the Age of Aquarius to get off the beaten track. Since 2001, we have kept enhancing our core direct marketing skillset. Today, we enjoy a renowned experience in digital marketing and interrelated fields.


Horoscopes, astrology, numerology, clairvoyance, tarot reading, crystal balls, palmistry, chakra alignment, energies, angelic assistance, and divinatory arts represent a growing market without border. This accounts for more than 2 billion dollars in revenue on the US market alone in 2021. People can find an interest in divination regardless of their age, whereas young adults tend to more easily turn to digital services to get a reading or any kind of esoteric assistance.

Do you want to read your horoscope, try an astrology-based test, or discover the latest astrology news?



“Logdirect is first and foremost a company with a sense of family loyalty at its core, in a pleasant environment with benefits that let me feel at ease on a day-to-day basis.

It is also a hearty environment during breaks and corporate events. Lastly, there are many talents within Logdirect, which makes it a reference in its field of choice and, on a personal level, lets me pile up various experiences and skills.”

“Working for Logdirect while balancing your personal and professional life? Yes, you can! Flexible work hours let you start as early as 7am to end your day at 4pm. Not a morning person? No problem, you can get in as late as 10am and avoid any stress due to morning traffic.
No time to exercise? No more excuses, with group lessons provided on-site 3 times a week.
But there is more, well-being at work is an important factor for Logdirect, and managers are always ready and willing to listen and talk.”

“LogDirect provides you with a pleasant work environment where people take you seriously, whether you have been with us for 6 months or 15 years!
I value that I am not confined to my core skillset and can navigate between several services (…).
I am eager to see what the future holds for me!”

“Self-reliance, intense, fulfilling, multifaceted, and human-sized…”

“With LogDirect we are lucky to have a chance to grow within an ambitious, 100% digital company active on the global market, while upholding a convivial and caring environment! There are numerous events (afterwork sessions, business games…) that allow us to share pleasant memories between collaborators and learn to know one another outside the office. If I had to sum up my experience with Logdirect, I would say high stakes, projects, success, work (because no pain, no gain!) but first and foremost, a state of mind.”

“It has nearly been 5 years since I knocked on Logdirect’s door as a Digital Production Assistant. I quickly understood that I had joined a dynamic company aimed at growth, and I knew I wanted to be part of that family. I had many opportunities before me, and I had the chance to take part in several projects as I kept learning and improving. This is how I had the opportunity to become a manager of my own team. Now I lead a team full of energy and I am proud to say that we work together to ensure Logdirect will thrive. I am grateful for the opportunity that was offered. It let me grow on a professional level, and I am enthusiastic when I think about what tomorrow might bring.”



Our motto is
“Adapt or disappear.”
The world is in constant evolution, just like the movements of the planets. In the digital world, everything keeps evolving at breakneck speed.

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is a constellation
of collaborators from every corner of the globe: 16 nationalities so far. This human factor is priceless for us and has been in our DNA since the very beginning. This is the main reason why we can maintain such a high quality of service provided to our clients.

A multilingual and multicultural agency, Logdirect shines like a genuine rainbow!

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In the star-studded
field of clairvoyance and astrology, we have always maintained a high level of demand and rigor in order to provide our customers with a product that matches their expectations, and to always be there for them whenever they contact customer service.

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